Olli's DNG Photo tools

As a fan of the Adobe Digital Negative format I missed some little tools that I built myself. They are free to use.

1) DNG Thumbnail Handler in Windows Explorer for Windows 7/Vista x64

Allows you to see thumbnail and preview viewer e.g. in Windows Explorer. It is much much fast than Adobes own codec and 100% managed C# code, so very stable (espc. important when adding to Explorer).
Click here for details and download

2) Turbo DNG Importer

It's takes the basic Adobes DNG Converter as basis and adds things like: Click here for details and download

3) Nokia Lumia 930/950 Adobe Lightroom DCP color profiles.

The Lumia 930/950 can generate real DNG raw files, allowing for advanced color profiles. These profiles should improve general color rendering and also add a halogen (tungsten) profile.
Click here to download
See this Sway for tips and tricks using Adobe Lightroom with Lumia 950/930.

4) ColorChartCheck

ColorChartCheck is a little command line utility to compare a developed PNG photo file of a 24 patch color checker against reference value from Bable and X-Rite.
Click here to download V2.1 (you need 7-Zip to unpack the file and Microsoft .Net 4.0 or higher runtime).

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