Olli's DNG Thumbnail Preview for Windows 64bit

Version 1.2 / 2011-03-11

What is it?

Allows you to see thumbnail and preview viewer e.g. in Windows Explorer. It is fast and efficient, and since it is 100% managed C# code it is very stable (espc. important when adding to Explorer). Adobe meanwhile has come up with its own version of a DNG Codec for 64bit, but it has the downside that it is very very slow. Mine is dazzeling fast as it just renders the embedded previews. However mine does not allow metadata edits.


I keep the full copyright on the software. You may use it for both personal and commercial at no charge. It is provided as is, I do not take ANY responsibility.
You may NOT change any of the files, or distribute them in any form: no packaging, no mirroring, no copies! Always link to this page instead.

Known limitations

It does only generate previews if the DNG has previews embedded. This is always the case if you convert them via Adobe DNG Converter. It adds a small thumbnail even if you set it to not embed preview images. However e.g. some special film scanners generate DNGs without previews (thanks to Michael Ezra for some test images).

Download and install

Click here to download. Installation instructions inside
It's for 64bit Windows only!
It's compressed with 7-Zip. If you don't have it already installed (its way better than WinZIP), you can get it here:

Version history

Hope you like it,
Oliver Duis

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