Olli's Turbo DNG Importer

Version 3.3.0 / 2018-05-18
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What is it?

It's takes the basic Adobes DNG Converter as basis and adds things like: New in v2 is the Windows Mobile 10 mode. If you copied all files from phones "Camera Roll" folder to your local disk, it does:

New in v3.3: New Adobe DNG Converter install path. Improved performance on smaller machines.

New in v3.2: Update Bing Maps. Old version will not work anymore starting from june 2017.

New in v3.1: Added some more type of Microsoft Camera app output types that can be converted.

New in v2.5: You can now convert directly from a Windows 10 Mobile device via USB, without having to copy all files to harddisk first.

New in v3.0: Camera Metadata merge mode. Say you have a slow but cheap Windows tablet with Lightroom being on vacation, and a big PC or laptop at home. Use TurboDNGImporter to import your RAWs to the tablet with lossy compression and e.g. reduced image size. So your slow Windows tablet with limited space can handle them well.
You can tag, delete and edit your DNGs on the tablet. Make sure that Lightroom writes all its XMP settings to DNG (Catalog settings, Metadata).
Back at home, you share your small tablet DNG folder as reference via network or just copy it over to your PC. Then use TurboDNGImporter on the very same RAW files from your memory card again. But this time convert them in full resolution, and give TurboDNGImporter the reference path to your table DNGs.
TurboDNGImporter will auto-skip all files not in the reference folder (because you already deleted them on tablet) and copies over all XMP settings from your tablet files while converting the full blown version. Now you can enjoy the full, big version of the images merged with all the tags and edits you made on the tablet :-)
For this to work it is important that:


I keep the full copyright on the software. You may use it for both personally and commercially at no charge. It is provided as is, I do not take ANY responsibility.
You may NOT change any of the files, or distribute them in any form: no packaging, no mirroring, no copies! Always link to this page instead.

Known limitations

The location tagging part is just based on the address, returning coordinates from BING Maps. If you need to precisely geo locate e.g. wilderness positions, you must leverage additional tools.

Download and install

Uninstall all version prior to 2.0 (installer has changed). Install the Microsoft .Net 4.6.1 Runtime (or higher). You might already have it installed. Get if from Windows Update or directly here from
Then install the official Adobes DNG Converter. Then click here to download the Turbo DNG Converter.

Hope you like it,
Oliver Duis

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