Biblical History on every corner, and very friendly people.

Arboretum at night

There is a light show at the Arboretum Ellerhoop once a year. 2023 and 2022.


Whiskey distilleries, history, green land and clay target shooting.


Whiskey and wild mountain terrain.


Huskies, wild taiga and the end of the world and lots of snow.

Google Pixel 6 Testdrive

Especially the now built-in long time exposure lets me almost forget my DSLR.

Cold War Spy Station

There are still remains of an old US listening station on Berlin's Teufelsberg.


Churches with blue roofs and couples making selfies.


Susanne needed new, modern style images.


Lonely island in the northern mudflats, with sheeps and a lighthouse.

U4 Elbbrücken Revisited

A second try. Not the standard tourist pictures.

Bad weather Kiez

Bad weather with snowy rain at the Kiez, Hamburgs world famous red-light and night life district

U4 Elbbrücken

The inarguration of the new, modern U4 Elbbrücken station was celebrated with a light show.

South tyrol

Gorges, mountain pastures and Heidi just around the corner. Pixel 2 only.

Lost Place Schellfischtunnel

A train tunnel over 100 years old and long since closed. Opened for a few visitors by Hamburger Unterwelt e.V. once a year. Pixel 2 only.

Energy Bunker

This old WWII flak bunker now houses a power plant. Difficult for a photographer since it is mostly renovated. Pixel 2 and moment wide angle only.


A second tour a few years later, again with picturesque evening sky.

Baltics & Scandinavian Cruise

Cruising the baltics, scandinavia and St. Petersburg. This time exclusively shot on Pixel 2 (plus wide angle lens).


Bright, friendly, clean. Minimalistic design. The world as it should be.

Jonathan & Family

Just a few weeks old and warmly welcomed by his family. Classical portraits at home.

Melanie Maternity

Her wish were some natural and casual pictures at home.

Venetian Carnival 2018

The yearly venetian style carnival "Maskenzauber" in the Colonnaden.


Not only beaches, but also acient king tombs, shipwrecks and narrow canyons to wander.

Brahms Kontor

The old Brahms Kontor is seldomly open to the public, but its Art Deco style is a great backdrop.

Wacken Days 2017

Mud and swords also this time again in 2017.

Wacken Nights 2017

Pyrohex, burning swords, Maren Feuertrunken and more in Wacken.

Wasteland Warriors

Cool fantasy fighters in apocalyptic vehicles. Seen in Wacken.

Kerstin business

Kerstin is an executive and required neutral profile and public pictures. Honest, no Photoshop.

South England

Old castles, Stonehenge and churches. The south of England is much richer than I thought.

Wedding Caroline & Boris

Some unusual requests: It should be with a specific wall and a 4WD. And more casual, unusual.

Daytrip to Helgoland

Day trip on the Halenderjet to germanys only offshore island Helgoland.

Wedding Natalie & David

A good-humored, casual and international couple.

Two sisters and their families

They live in different towns, so they see each other seldomly. A nice occasion for a joint shooting in the park.

Bridge Portraits

The trick to make great photos of old bridges is to add a woman on the picture.

Aquila Game Reserve

A classical destination for safaris in south africa. Beautiful lions, zebras, many rhinos...

Cape Town and West Cape

Cape Town reminds me of California. And it looks best from a helicopter.

South Africa Water Animals

Many seals, pinguins and the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.

Wineland South Africa

Not only outstanding red wines, some wineyards look like in a movie.

Business profile pictures

Melih is CTO of a large consulting company. His new profile pictures should have a neutral but quality look.

Wedding Conny & Eike

Romantic and classical shots in the middle of the cold winter. And love to show her baby to come.

Wedding Iris & Thomas

It should be unsusual! So the couple selected some historical trains as backdrop.

Wedding Melanie & Niels

Despite the cold and overcast sky, it has become as classic-romantic shoot just like the two have wished.

Brother & Sister Family-Shoot

Two siblings with their spouses and their four kids- a lot to shoot in half a day.


Though the dolphins did not show up, good weather and sails are photogenic, too.


Two different Flamenco groups showed off their mastery at the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Theo & Family

Theo is just a few months old. I knew his nice parents from shooting their wedding.

Wacken Swordsmen 2016

This year again mud as well as sun, swords and tough guys.


A long weekend in Berlin, this time only armed with my Lumia.

Johann & Family

Johann was born just a few days (plus many year) after me and is just a few week old at this session. Classical portraits at home.

When the sun shines into the tower Hessenstein, intensive but strange light pattern emerge.



A country badly riven by the last terror attack. It had more sides than I had expected.

Panzer Battlefield

Some old world war tanks on a battlefield in the desert of tunesia. A bit surreal being there.

Skate Contest

Really cool guys addending a contest at the Surf & Skate Festival in Hamburg.

Riding the Waves

Italys Tuscany is famous for its wines and valleys formed like waves. Even if you have to stand up early for optimal light.


Just skipping the surface in less than a day with two friends.


There is not only the famous tower around the Piazza del Duomo.

Venetian Carnival 2016

The yearly venetian style carnival "Maskenzauber" in the Colonnaden. No sun but snow this time, but everybody was happy anyway.

Johanna Nature

Her request were natural, simple portraits. And her warning that there had never been any good pictures of her so far.



Meine neues Foto-Website, zugeschnitten auf Hochzeitsfotos.

Achims Print Shop

Achims traditional print shop in Hamburg. Best address e.g. for chats, stylish cards or printed bags.

The Old Shipwreck

It was early morning, damp, rainy and muddy unfortunately. But though the flood enters quicker than you think, it was enough for some quick shots of Jana and Lukas though.


A stylish turkish town with nice surroundings. Visited more by turkish people, especially for weddings.

Alacati Fishing Tournament

Fat tunas, big yachts, party and young women. Said to be world famous, I was there by chance.

Back to Botany

The experiment to shoot images in the Loki Schmidt garden that do not like after grandma's phone snapshots.

Blue Port

The art event of Hamburg port lit in blue light, this time seen from the habour.

Lost Place Grain Elevator

A long closed granary elevator of Gloria flour from the 1930s. He was accessible for one day after signing a non-liability declaration.

The Red Dress

Susan's brief was the red dress she look stunning in, and please a staircase.

Airport Days 2015

Day of the open door at the airport of Hamburg.

Wacken Days 2015

Unfortunately pretty muddy this year with the swordsmen in Wacken.

Wacken Nights 2015

Burning swords and plus the Devilsfire guys in Wacken.

Wedding Annika & Tim

A wonderful wedding, romantic in the countryside. And the couple has model qualities.

Family and Maternity

Pictures of Gönül in maternity plus family. Unfortunately just quickly before the rain started.

Wedding Franziska & Matthias

A small formal wedding without explicit wedding photos.

Wedding Doro & Hans-Jürgen

A unconventional wedding in Franconia. The couple was concerned because they allegedly never look good on photos. Unfounded fears.

Jana in Gothic Style

A young woman in unusual, victorian looking Outfit looks pretty attractive.

A the baltic sea with a bit more intensive images. No beach chairs and not Photoshop, just exposure.

Cruise on the old emperor ship

On a trip aboard the over 100 years old steamboat Schaarhörn you can admire the port and on board the old salts.

Frankfurt Architecture

New and old things meet on the northern shore of the river Main.


A week with fabulous sunsets and old excavations.


They have their own charme, though it's diffucult to get near them in the Hamburg habour.

Susanne Leatherjacket

In preparation for the upcoming motor bike session a little shooting with Susis leather jacket. The cinematic GTA style fits her!

Wedding Annika & Tim

Just some wedding couple images of the formal wedding. The big party is yet to come in the summer, then including sun!

Lumia RAW Tips and Tricks


My guide with color profiles and tips for shooting RAW with Lumia 930.

Venetian Carnival 2015

The yearly venetian style carnival "Maskenzauber" in Hamburg. This time exclusively with wide open lens for creamy backdrops.

Ghost Habour

Without tripod but with Eike at night in a gloomy part of the Hamburg habour.

Hogwarts & Hundertwasser

These old Hamburg Kontor buildings remind me of Hogwarts and Hunderwassers colors.

Maren Feuertrunken

First portraits of the fire artist Maren as beautiful kobold in the dark cold rain. You can engage her by the way ;-)

Gute (Hochzeits-)Fotografen erkennen


Tipps, wie man Gute von Schlechten unterscheidet. Gilt natürlich auch für andere Fotografen.

Habour City Night x2

Two little test runs of my new D750 in the artificial habour city in Hamburg with Susi and Eike. No tripod.

Susanne available Light

The first informal available light session with Susanne, a classical beauty and also photographer.

Engagement Annika & Tim

A beautiful as well as nice couple! We hat lots of fun shooting on several locations around the Elbe in Hamburg.


A week with elegant cats, old temples, salines and mountain views.

Zeche Zollverein

A large areal with abandoned coking plant and mine in Essen. Nice for Black and White.

Street race in the city park

At the Hamburger Stadtpark Revival 2014 classic cars and motorbikes race against each other on the streets.

Coal mine

Dark tunnels and large maschines in Bochum.


Abstract performances with light installations at the licht_kunst_park 2.14 event. That's how I imagine an LSD trip ;-)

Motorbikes day and night

Two portraits sessions with Agnes, Andreas and their motorbikes at the windy habour.

Wacken Swordsmen 2014

The third year in Wacken, invited again by the nice group of SSK. Good vibes and lots of portraits.


The fire games group performs in Wacken 2014.

Max Max

Fantasy fighters styled like in Mad Max with their apocalyptic vehicles. Seen in Wacken.

Blue Port

The art event of Hamburg port lit in blue light, seen from the musical on the other side of the river Elbe.


In a picturesque evening sky, the futuristic Hamburg Docklands shows its best side.


Casual portraits in our appartment, using only available light.


There is a museum of tanks near the military training ground in Munster.

Habour of Hamburg

The most pleasant motive of Hamburg, the large habour. Some of the cranes shown are not in use any more, but part of a museum.

US cars Bramfeld

Impressions from the first US Car and Vintage car summit in Bramfeld.

Fields of yellow canola

A day trip with Eike, to the north east of Schleswig Holsteins, yielding many yellow canola fields .


A week on a farm in the gourmet part of Italy. Rural with a nice old wine cellar.

Venetian Carnival 2014

Since moren than ten years now the venetian style carnival is held here in Hamburg. It's named "Maskenzauber", but the richness of masks an colors is the same.


The old bridge frankly is most beautiful spot in Harburg...

Box training

As guest photographer during a training of the AGON sport school. Difficult: little light, much movement, simple backgrounds.

Graveyard Nienstedten

Situated nicely at the river Elbe, but unfortunately not as old as I hoped for. Still some pictures to take.

G-Star Maternity

Only a couple of weeks left, and as a souvenir some maternity shots of Gönül in the void of Hetlingen.

St. Nikolai Church

Short side trip only with the Lumia to the christmassy St. Nikolai church in Hamburg.

Switch yard

The switch yard in Maschen is the largest in Europe. Pretty impressive at night.

Storm flood

The fish auction hall in Hamburg was under water because of the heavy storm "Xaver".

Hamburg city night

The night around Hamburg Mundsburg in a contrasty fashion.

Wacken Swordsmen 2013

The second year in Wacken, invited again by the friendly group of SSK. Time for portraits and some cool fights.


One week vacation with the family, visiting the south coast. Windy, but beautiful rough landscape.

Berry Chocolate Pizza

Made from a receipt found on (thanks!). Though the combination looks wild on paper it's delicious!

Rhine old bricks

There are plenty of old castles and memorials down there...

Rhine Wines

Impressions from the wineries on our Rhine weekend. All white wines unfortunately ;-)

Abbey of Eberbach

The Abbey of Ebersbach is situated in the area of Frankfurt. Scene from the movie "Name of the Rose" were taken here. Was here again after 3 years, much different images.

Hafencity Biker

Spontanous night photo session in the HafenCity. A biker was the most exiting thing there.

Wiesbaden Nights

As a starter some spontaneous Lumia night shots of your weekend at the Rhine. More of this trip in a few days.

Power plant and shipyard

The power plant and the shipyard could be visited during an industrial culture day. Both are over 50 years old.

David Luca & Friends

Our son David Luca :-) I once swore to myself I would not become one of those fathers constantly taking pictures of his son... didn’t work out so far.

Genoa / Cinque Terre

Part 2, also featuring the high divers at Cinque Terre.

Genoa Street Live

Genoa is a bit tougher than other Italian cities I visited so far, but sports a nice old town. Since I forgot my large DSLR camera in the hotel that night, all shots are done with a Nokia Lumia 925.

River Elbe Evening

A spontaneous attempt to shoot the cranes from the northern shore of the river Elbe in Hamburg with Melih.

Ancient graveyard

Surprisingly the ca. 400 years old jewish cemetery is located in the center of town. A showcase for black and white photography.

Fairground, post opening

For the sake of completeness, the Dom of Hamburg (a big yearly fun fairground) AFTER its opening. In order to get accustomed to my new wide angle lens, exclusively shot with 14mm.

Of sharks and beaches

Coudly skies for our short trip to Sylt, but enough for the Sylt north see aquarium with sharks and a few shots at the beach.

Open Ship for Easter

Day of the open door at several ships in the habour. I took many pictures with my 14mm wide angle for training.

Fairground, post apocalypse

The Dom of Hamburg, a big yearly fun fairground, is completely built up the night before opening, but dark and spooky like in a horror film.

Moving Trains

A short trip with Eike and Martin: experiments to play with blurred movements.

Prototypes and Train Station

Vitage car prototypes and the new, futuristic train station in the Habour City.


You wouldn't believe how much time you can spent around one bridge ;-) Phtographers day trip with Eike & Lutz.

Military cemetery at Ohlsdorf

There is a section of world war graves at the large Ohlsdorf cemetery. With falling snow and in B/W they look especially bleak.

Wedding Gönül & Melih

As best man of the bride groom photographer I had the honor and pleasure to take photos of the wedding, the henna night (which was already a little marriage).

The Violin Maker

The workshop of the violin maker Sielaff here in Winterhude. Thanks for the invitation!

Kiekeberg open-air museum

This time added some images of the historic fair last weekend.

Locomotive shed Aumühle

This shed is run by enthusiasts. It contains some old locomotives and wagons, inviting to some black and white photos.


Another photo tour, trying to add more complex compositions. In this part of the habour you find some old cranes that are not in use any more.

France - Bretagne Civilization

Part 2 of the journey: Several old chateaux and churches. The area was very rich in former times, hence the big buildings.

France - Bretagne Nature

Part 1 of the journey: Wild coast, broad beaches and rough nature. There was no storm during our stay unfortunately, which would yield great images there I guess.

Wacken Swordsmen 2012

Two days as guest in Wacken, part two: The wild, warmhearted and a bit crazy show swordsmen group that invited my as their photographer.

Wacken (Mud) Festival 2012

Wacken is the biggest heavy metal festival on earth. Since it was rainy, the 80.000 people found themselves in the mud, but they did not really care (Part 2 following).


Waltershof is a photogenic part of the large habour of Hamburg. This is the result of a night shooting session during bad weather, making beautiful skies.

Hamburg Art Museum

The "Hamburger Kunsthalle" including the spider like art installation on its roof.

Big Machines

In northern Germany there is a submarine from the second world war as well as a train yard with historic old trains. Day trip with Eike.

Mallorca weekends in a finca

Two extended weekand on a calm finca. That far to the west Mallorca is much more pleasant than in the loud southern parts.


Around the castle of Ahrensburg many flowers are blooming at times. This year another visit after three years.

St. Peter Ording in backlight

A day trip session with Eike to a less touristy part of the beach. The stilt houses in the void make a nice picture in backlight settings. It also demonstrates RawTherapee 4's good highlight recovery options.

Iced Hamburg

It was so cold that the lake Alster is frozen again after 15 years.

Las Vegas

The city of gamblers provides some good night shots for the non-gambling photographer. One casino also hosts a pretty nice aquarium.


A trip surrounding the Grand Canyon in the US. The south west sports many beautiful canyons, not just the grand one.

Sword Fighters - Private session

I came in talks with the nice guys of after the middle ages event. They agreed on a private little TfP photo session. Unfortunately the session ended prematurely because my wife felt starting labors (turned out to be false alarm though), but up till then some nice pictures came out.


Three new images of Gönül, shot during a little photo training session with Melih.


Short update: A snapshot of Kerstin as almost-mom. General officially text approved by Kerstin: No comment (my text: no photomontage, she really looks that great ;-).

100th Anniversary of Airport Hamburg

Some closeups of planes, shot at the 100th birthday event last weekend.

Middle Ages festival

Tournaments, sword fights, jugglers and lots of middle ages fans in Hamburg Öjendorf.

New York days

Some impressions of skyscrapers and the Metropolitan Museum from our short trip to NY.

Old generator hall

These generators are dating back to the 1920ies, long retired. But the hall was open to the public for the days of the industrial memorial.

British Fair Animals

A visit to the yearly British Fair event in Hamburg. The eagles and horses made great pictures.

Marita - Germanys Next Topmodel

Marita, who is the daughter of friend, wanted to have a photo session like she saw in Germany's Next Topmodel (a popular TV show here in germany). The young lady is talented I think. The shooting was done just with available light and a reflector.

New York nights

Since New York has become a pretty safe place you can e.g. stroll to Brooklyn with a SLR.

Harley Davidson Days 2011

Tough guys, but friendly and peaceful. Pictures were taken at the awards show of the best bike modders.

Wedding Anne & Lutz

The small and private wedding of a couple we are friends with. I had the honor to be the wedding photographer, and the fish market area in Hamburg served as nordic habour backdrop.

Training the eye in the woods

Woods are very difficult to take with the camera, since pictures will get messy and chaotic very easily. A few hours in the Niendorfer Gehege together with Marting is a good training. All images were taken in a radius of about 100 meters.

Artic Sail Cruise Wildlife

The third part of the photos of our trip to the artic, the wildlife. Polar bears, blue whales, seals and reindeers. Since they don't know us humans, they usually react nosy and curious.


Impression from a short trip to Würzburg. The city is small, but has lots of history and old buildings. The first session edited with the new very precise Raw Therapee Floating Point.

Sessions with Eike, Spring 11

The best-of collection deriving from three sessions together with Eike. They were shot in the habour of Hamburg, Lübeck and elsewhere.

Venetian Carnival 2011

Since moren than ten years now the venetian style carnival is held here in Hamburg. It's named "Maskenzauber", but the richness of masks an colors is the same.

Hidden Hallways

In the old town of Hamburg there are several unknown, sometimes old hallways. Created in two session with Eike and Martin.

St. Peter Ording in the snow

A bit late, some pictures of new years eve in the show. The lighthouse of Westerhever is a beauty and has already been used for some beer commercials.

Ice on river Elbe

In Blankenese there is a section of the beach where there was lots of ice. A short session with Eike.


Thilo is the little son of Jens and Astrid. The sessions took place in an interval of several month. The last session here was just sponatiously using the last evening light.

Okavango - Camp Shinde

Camp Shinde lies nearer to the Okavango river than camp Okuti and also sports a rich wildlife. Specialties are foot safaris and fishing in the Okavango.

Autumn 2010

A few collected pictures, shot in the last weeks.

Artic Sail Cruise Ice & Landscapes

As second part of the photos of our trip to the artic some ice and landscape. The scales and loneliness of the artic is very impressive.

France - Nice

Nice and it's surrounding areas. Most beautiful are the little mountain villages where time seems to be standing still.

Island of Sylt

A very relaxed photographers weekend with Eike on Sylt. There are not many sights on Sylt, but the deeply blue water at the Sylter Ellenbogen impressed me.

Okavango - Camp Okuti

Camp Okuti lies right in the center of the Okavango Delta and sports a very rich wildlife.

Molfsee open-air museum

Time seems to be standing still since a hundert years ago. A day trip with Astrid, Eike & Dagmar.

Ploen during the winter

Iced pictures of a photographers day with Eike.

Botswana - Chobe River

The area surrounding the chobe river in Botswana is the most elephant rich of the earth.

Sambia - Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are one of the seven wonders of the world- and it really deserves this.


Turn of the year in the town of Mozart.


After missing the original exibition in Hamburg since I was a child, I was impressed now. Recommendable, even if flash and tripod are not allowed.

Science Slam

Many oppurtunities to take black and white photos of young scientists.

San Diego Sea World

The large Sea World a the west coast. Bathing with whales and delphins is an unfogettable events you should not miss.

USS Midway

The USS Midway is a large aircraft carrier that has been retired by the navy. Now it's a museum in San Diego.

The Getty Center

The Los Angeles Getty Museum is as such (almost) more beatiful than it's contents ;-). Atmosphere and architecture are pretty impressive, be sure to have a visit!

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park in california. The sequoia trees a sometimes thousands of years old and very impressive. Especially standing next to it, feeling tiny.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

You should not mix up the San Diego Zoo and it's offspring Wild Animal Park with a normal zoo- you will be stunned often...

Weltvogelpark Walsrode

A large bird park in Lower Saxony, easily reachably from Hamburg.

Wedding Meltem & Patrick

As gast photographer I tried to catch some highlights of this german-turkish wedding.

Airport Days 2007

Day of the open door at the airport of Hamburg, showing many beautiful old aircrafts.


An extended weekend in the town of love. Paris has many shades and is always worth a visit!
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